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808 semiconductor laser hair removal uses a unique 808nm wavelength red light. Laser of this wavelength can effectively penetrate the skin and reach the depth of the target tissue . According to the principle of selective photothermal action of melanin, the pulse duration can ensure that the target tissue absorbs enough energy and damage the target tissue in the form of heat energy through energy conversion. Proper energy density can ensure that the target tissue is damaged by sufficient thermal damage in the appropriate pulse duration, and the surrounding tissues do not contain melanin and absorb energy, there is no thermal energy conversion, and it is almost immune to thermal damage, thus ensuring treatment Security.
Compared with photon hair removal, the performance advantages of laser hair removal:
1. Under this fixed wavelength, the melanin of a single wavelength of 808nm will strongly absorb it, while the absorption of other pigments at this wavelength is very small, and the penetration depth is near the dermal papilla, directly targeting the target tissue
2. High laser power, matching 12*12mm/12*24mm bald head, ultra-wide pulse width 5ms-400ms, adjusted according to skin tone and skin feeling, safe hair removal, guaranteed effect
3. Intelligent operating system can automatically recommend appropriate treatment parameters according to skin color, hair hardness and hair color, making the operation simpler and more effective

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