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Alma soprano titanium 3 wavelengths diode laser machine

Alma soprano titanium 3 wavelengths diode laser machine
L/C, T/T, Western Union
Place of Origin
Guangzhou China

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Safe:Self-check automatic protection mechanism:dual protection of water flow alarm + temperature alarm, leakage protection switch, protect the machine while protecting the safety of users,has passed the European Union CE certification, and quality testing.

Safe and painless:
We use the TEC cooling system in the water tank , The sapphire and Peltier in the handle head, so you can use machine for 24 hours work. Sapphire handle cooling system down to —20°C, so the treatment is always comfortable. There is almost no skin spread, no damage to the skin and sweat glands, no scars, no side effects .

Effective: The powerful power supply stabilizes the power output. The laser imported from Germany has high power output and stable energy every time. It is expected to get an excellent treatment effect in the first treatment, and it is suitable for all types of hair.

Easy-to-operate interface:Provide users with automatic intelligent mode design. We set different presets for different parts of the body, gender and skin type, so even new users can easily operate the machine.

Wide application range:The 808nm diode laser for hair removal and firming/rejuvenation uses the most advanced technology and is suitable for all types of skin.

808/755/1064 diode laser hair removal uses 3 wavelength red light. Laser of this wavelength can effectively penetrate the skin and reach the depth of the target tissue . According to the principle of selective photothermal action of melanin, the pulse duration can ensure that the target tissue absorbs enough energy and damage the target tissue in the form of heat energy through energy conversion.

Proper energy density can ensure that the target tissue is damaged by sufficient thermal damage in the appropriate pulse duration, and the surrounding tissues do not contain melanin and absorb energy, there is no thermal energy conversion, and it is almost immune to thermal damage, thus ensuring treatment Security.

Except for the 810nm handle, the new Trio handle combines 755/810/1064nm wavelength into a single hand piece. It releases triple wavelength laser simultaneously to target different depth of hair follicle. The benifit of 3 wavelengths are utilized for optimum coverage and penetration to reach a ultimate hair removal result. The enlarged spot size achieves faster treatment and saves operators' time.

We provide product customization and OEM services: logo, machine color, language, operating system, screen interface.

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