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810nm Permanent Hair Removal Machine Wholesale

810nm Permanent Hair Removal Machine Wholesale
810nm fiber hair removal
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Place of Origin
Guangzhou China

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Product parameter


Fiber Coupled Diode Laser

Water pump

12v6A (5.0/L) (0.42mpa)



Flow sensor

Minimum 2.3L/min flow requirement

Working frequency

1~10HZ (adjustable)


15μm external (can be quickly removed and replaced)

Energy density

1~120J/cm²(Actually greater than 120j/cm²)

Cooling system

400wTEC (program can be customized)

Handle cooling

TEC+Sapphire cooling

Cooling fan

12v silent fans×2

TEC cooling slice


Chassis material

ABS shell/metal shell

Spot size

12mm×12mm(can be customized)

Water tank volume


Laser power


Power supply voltage

110v/220v 50~60hz

Pulse width


After-sales service

Online video technical support

Output mode

Pulse output


1 years

Operating language

Language can be customized

Packing size


Screen size

10.4LED touch screen

Total weight

50KG (including packaging)

Water temperature protection temperature




Products Description

JM-R808 is latest vertical 808nm fiber coupled diode laser for hair removal and more applications, compared with normal diode laser, R808 put laser generator in machine inside not in hand piece. So energy and heat transfer are released by fiber. Normal diode laser's hand piece is heavy, expensive and frail, but Fiber R808 is light and strong. So its hand piece can reach much longer lifespan 50 million shots, is durable . Latest designed screen has three treatment mode, HR, SHR, and SR mode, which meet more types of users’ operation by professional and full parameters.
1.Durable hand piece and long lifespan:On fiber coupled diode laser machines the laser lamps are not located inside the hand piece but in the main body of the machine, so the heat is concentrated inside the core and not in the hand, cooling systems work less to disperse that heat so the lasers are more durable (50 Million Pulses, actually 3 times more than the best standard diodes).
2.Light hand piece: Since the laser transmitter is no longer inside the component, the operator can manage a lightweight handle, the TEC cooler and the sapphire crystal, which brings a painless and comfortable treatment to the patient.
3.The energy emission from the laser has a square, well defined area with evenly distributed intensity  ,Most importantly, this technology makes the beam more focused (collimated light), thereby eliminating energy waste in areas that do not require treatment, thus ensuring the most effective treatment in a shorter time.
4.The light generated by multiple diode lasers is coupled into a single-core multimode fiber through a microlens array, in order to deliver light to the target place.

Features:Low damage rate, Uniform energy distribution, Long lifespan, Easy maintenance.Fiber coupled diode laser is designed with a uniform energy distribution at a small divergence angle for more gentle and effective depilation.

Product internal structure  We provide product customization and OEM services: logo, machine color, language, operating system, screen interface.

Hair removal handle

The head of the handle is cooled by sapphire crystal, and the treatment is painless. The light weight of the handle prevents you from getting tired when using it. Crystal size and output power can be customized according to customer needs

Machine back

There are water injection hole, overflow hole, drain hole, plug, power switch, power supply, micron filter on the back

Easy to replace micron filter

Due to the high water quality requirements of the diode stack the filter can ensure the purity of the water flow, thereby extending the service life of the machine

TEC Cooler

We use the TEC cooling system in the water tank and the sapphire crystal in the handle, so you can use TEC for 24 hours work. The sapphire crystal cooling system is at -5°C~0°C, so that the treatment is always comfortable and does not harm the skin and sweat glands. No side effects

Water flow protector

When the water flow is lower than 2.3L/min, in order to prevent the laser from overheating and damage, the machine will stop working

Water temperature protector

When the water temperature of the machine rises to 40° due to an accident, the water temperature protection starts and the machine stops working

Treatment Effect


This table only applies to our own production machines


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